Item #5479

British Artillery Sword Private 1820 Foot

  • Price: $465.00
  • Maker: British
  • Model: 1820
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is a short, heavy sword that measures 29 1/2" overall with a 24 7/8" straight, single-edged, unfullered blade having a 5 3/8" false edge. The steel has an overall mottled gray patina with spots of dark freckling along the length of the blade on either side and a series of nicks along the edge. The ricasso is marked with a small crown property stamp over "2" on the obverse and with the maker's name on the back edge: "SC/HADLEY.8" (Thomas Hadley of Birmingham). The brass hilt has a stirrup-shaped guard with single curved quillon and tombstone-shaped langets which have developed a mottled yellow-ochre patina over time. The ridged grip has much of the original leather covering still remaining with the underlying wood visible where the leather has flaked. There is no scabbard. These swords are identified by Robson as the 1820 "Spanish Pattern" issued to Artillery privates during the Peninsular War with the French but are also sometimes referred to as the "Prussian Pattern". This example is in very good condition; a sturdy and rather imposing hanger that seems like a good close quarters weapon. {Ref. "Swords of the British Army" Revised Edition by Brian Robson; 1996}