Item #21736

Double Compartment Pistol Flask with Oak Leaf cir. 1860s

  • Price: $595.00
  • Maker: Double Compart
  • Model: Flask
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This flask is pictured on page 53 of Riling's flask book with cased pistols and on page 314 as #560. Described as a "double compartment flask decorated with oak leaves and stems divided by a belt like chevron" he also makes reference to the American Flask and Cap Company's catalog with this being the "oak leaf ball and cap charger". This company was formed in 1857 in Waterbury Conn and lasted to circa 1870. Flask has brass common top with fire blued steel spring, brass base and sleeve with copper side panels showing high relief leaves, stems and acorns. These panels show light wear with no dents. Top and insert are held by small iron screws. Copper shows aged patina. Screws show wear from period of use. This is a very fine flask in great uncleaned condition. A super piece for the flask collector.