Item #29847

Kriss Vector SDP Pistol with Sig Sauer Pistol Brace

  • Price: $1,295.00
  • Maker: Kriss
  • Model: Vector
  • Caliber: .45 ACP

  • Description: Serial #45P003601, .45 ACP, 5 1/2” threaded barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This interesting pistol utilizes the innovative Kriss Super V System articulated bolt/inertia block and features a futuristic, black polymer receiver with both top and under-barrel Picatinny accessory rails. Factory standard Mag-Pul flip-up front and rear sights are present along the top rail, and a Sig Sauer arm brace is installed at the rear of the receiver. These pistols are designed to accept standard Glock magazines and a single 30 round Glock 21 magazine with Kriss extension is included. These are very well-made guns that have an unusual and iconic appearance, and have a sophisticated bolt system designed to reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise. Please note: on January 16, 2015, BATFE Director Max M. Kingery released an open letter saying that while it is legal to use the Sig brace for forearm support, shouldering such a brace constitutes a “redesign” and converts any pistol so equipped into a “short barreled rifle” per the 1934 NFA. FFL