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Item #21407

Peters DuPont Salesman's Sample Shotshell / Cartridge Display

  • Price: $2,195.00
  • Maker: Peters
  • Model: Ammo
  • Caliber:

  • Description: The quad-fold faux leather case is lined in a dark blue velvet with gold lettered "PETERS/DUPONT" label on the inside of the cover. The main section contains three rows of 48 polished dummy cartridges ranging in size from .222 Rem. to .405 Win. The cartridges are held in place by black and orange cords, heavily frayed in the center section of the top row, and have an overall bright polish on the brass and copper jackets. Most of the headstamps are "PETERS" with some "REM-UMC" mixed in and two of the cartridges have nickel steel cases. The removable shotshell board has a folding stand on the back and contains 24 shells in three rows as well as two loose .410 shells. Five of the shells have celluloid windows for viewing the components and three are cut-aways. Additionally, there are three individual bullets that are probably not original to the set: one .45 caliber semi-wadcutter and two .30 caliber (one is a cut-away). The folding case itself is in fine condition without any cracks and only minor surface wear, but one of the closure straps is broken and the other is heavily flaked and partially separated just above the rivet. Very few of these sets were ever made and seem to have been reserved for executives of Remington and DuPont; as a result they are rarely seen today. The only other example of this set we are aware of belonged to famous Remington exhibition shooter Gus Perret and was sold in 1998 when the estate of Col. Rex Applegate was liquidated (Applegate was Perret's nephew). Also included are some paper items that were recently found in the back of the display board. See photos.