Item #34787

Sharps Carbine Conversion to Sporting Rifle

  • Price: $2,495.00
  • Maker: Sharps
  • Model: Sporting Rifle
  • Caliber: .45-70

  • Description: Serial #97921, .45-70 Sharps, 30 1/2” heavy octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a nice rifle, built on a percussion carbine frame, and has remnants of the primer assembly visible on the right side, and the front sling bar attachment milled flat. The barrel has an overall dark plum-brown patina with thin freckling and spots of pinprick pitting throughout, with slightly heavier pitting on the receiver, which has a mottled gray patina throughout, and a small British acceptance mark on the left of the breech. The rifle is equipped with open sights, and double set triggers. The forend has numerous small handling marks and blemishes in the added varnish finish, along with a linear, with-the-grain crack along the edge of the metal on the left side. The straight-wrist stock has coarse checkering, and numerous small handling marks and blemishes, as well as a bare screwhead, without bolster, on the left side. The rifle was part of the collection of Constable John Anderson of the W.R. Yorkshire Constabulary. P.C. Anderson became a gun dealer after he retired and, according to his son in an accompanying information sheet, purchased this rifle in 1971 at a Weller & Dufty auction. A July 16th, 1971 Birmingham Proof House certificate also accompanies the rifle, and declares the rifle obsolete, thus exempt from proof firing. This is a very nice Sharps Carbine Conversion, very similar to the one illustrated on pg. 185 of “Sharps Firearms” by Frank Sellers (1978). Antique