Item #13998

Silver Plated Colt Revolver 1849 Pocket

  • Maker: Colt
  • Model: 1849
  • Caliber: .31 Cal

  • Description: Serial #300871, .31 caliber, 4” octagon barrel with a good bore that has some dark freckling and pitting within the grooves. This revolver was made in 1868 and has matching numbers on the frame, barrel, cylinder, arbor, wedge, triggerguard, and backstrap. The metal retains 85-90% of the original full silver-plated finish (now turned to a dark blue-black patina throughout) with some flaking along the edges and spots of dark freckling and pinprick pitting at the muzzle. The cylinder likewise has some bubbling of the silver plate with some further pinprick pitting around the nipples. Evidently, the revolver was loaded and forgotten about because all six chambers are filled with period conical bullets that have varying amounts of impact damage at their noses. The brass has about 40-50% of the original silver remaining in darkly tarnished patches, and has a pale yellow-ochre patina where the underlying metal is exposed. The one-piece grip has most of the original piano varnish finish remaining with a few scattered handling marks and blemishes, most noticeably a diagonal impact mark that carries onto the gripstrap on the underside just behind the triggerguard bow. The lock-up is still tight and the revolver rates fine-near excellent overall. It is a simply splendid, and unusual, example of a silver-plated '49 Pocket. We have contacted Colt on this little revolver and they have no record available. All evidence points to this being a factory silver finish. Antique