Item #35475

South African Pattern 1961 Combination Web Pouch and Frog

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: South African
  • Model: Web Gear
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is an interesting piece of equipment that is comprised of a tapered canvas web pouch with metal D-rings and belt hooks, that also has an integrated frog for the Model L1A1 SLR (FN/FAL). The pouch is in excellent condition with very little wear and is ink-stamped on the inside of the cover: “L.B. & D.I.F.” (an unknown maker, but "D.I.F." likely identifies D. I. Fram & Co. Ltd., a Johannesburg maker of web gear). Also stamped on the cover are the “U / (Broad Arrow)” of the SADF, and the date, “62”. This is a neat piece of distinctive, South African military equipment, and rates excellent overall.