Item #32852

Spanish Model Rolling Block Carbine by Remington in 11mm Mannlicher

  • Maker: Spanish
  • Model: Carbine
  • Caliber: 11mm

  • Description: Serial #335, 11mm Mannlicher, 20 1/2” barrel with a good bore that has freckling within the grooves, and a spot of pitting about halfway down. This is one of the 500 or so Rolling Block rifles and carbines rechambered in 1958 by William Wescombe to fire the 11mm Mannlicher cartridge (which was easier to obtain at the time). The metal has an overall freckled gray-brown patina with areas of thin, pinprick pitting in spots, most noticeably along the sides of the barrel where it meets the forend. The “(11) MANN” chamber stamp is still visible at the breech. The walnut stock and forend have numerous small handling marks and blemishes scattered throughout, and there are some carved initials, as well as a geometric design, on the right side of the buttstock. The mechanism is still tight, and the carbine rates good-near very good overall. It is an interesting, and fairly rare 20th century Rolling Block variant. Antique