Item #34500

US Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber by Roby

  • Price: $895.00
  • Maker: Roby
  • Model: 1840 Artillery
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This sword measures 37 7/8” overall with a 32 1/4” curved, single-edged blade having wide single fullers. The steel has an overall mottled gray patina with spots of dark freckling scattered evenly along both sides. The ricasso is marked, “US/1864/A.G.M.” on the obverse, and “C. ROBY/CHELMSFORD/MASS” on the reverse. The hilt has a darkly tarnished brass “D” guard with single forward swept quillon, a very good leather grip with loose, but intact braided wire wrap, and Phrygian helmet pommel with “52” rack number stamp. The metal scabbard has an overall freckled brown patina mixing with small spots of gray, but is otherwise in fine shape with no dents along the body. The hanger rings exhibit some very mild wear, but there is hardly any deformation of the drag tip. This is a very good example of a war dated 1840 Artillery, by a desirable maker, and would make a nice representative example for a collection