Item #34741

Whitworth F-Series Target Rifle w/Matching Sight Boothroyd Collect

  • Price: $19,995.00
  • Maker: Whitworth
  • Model: Target
  • Caliber: .451

  • Description: Serial #F658, .451 Caliber, 36” heavy target barrel with an excellent, bright, Whitworth hexagonal bore. This is a stunning rifle that retains 92-95% of the original brilliant rust blue finish along the barrel with some mild silvering at the muzzle, as well as along the edges of the tombstone-shaped breech panels. The breech has beautiful original color case-hardening, and a platinum blow-out plug. The lock and hammer also retain their vibrant color case-hardening, and the lockplate is marked: “THE WHITWORTH COMPANY LIMITED” along the bottom edge. The lock is equipped with a sliding safety that has flaked to ruddy-gray, but still retains visible amounts of original nitre blue. The barrel tang has a matching numbered rear sight base installed, while a “W.Co.L.” marked front sight base is present at the muzzle. The lovely English walnut stock is wedge-fastened at the forend and has a contoured horn forend tip, and simple, oval wedge escutcheons. The checkering on the forend and pistol-grip is still sharp with only very minor flattening of the points, and there are scattered minor handling marks in the original oil finish. The horn gripcap and knurled steel buttplate are in excellent condition, and the small silver escutcheon on the belly of the butt has tarnished to a violet-brown patina. The gun is accompanied by an original leatherette sight case with matching numbered vernier scale, two aperture disks, two spare nipples, a matching numbered adjustable front sight, and two removable front sight inserts: one with a narrow target post, and one with a front aperture. There are four small spaces for no longer present accessories as well, possibly mounting tools. The gun also comes with the 2002 sales receipt from Arian Trading of Oxfordshire, UK which lists the rifle as coming from the estate of famed arms historian and author Geoffrey Boothroyd. Additionally, a photocopy of loading and firing instructions are included. This is a spectacular Whitworth Long-Range Target Rifle, in absolutely excellent condition, with numbered original sights, and a connection to one of the best known British arms authors. Antique