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303 British packet of Boer War Cartridges Dated 1896

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: An original unopened packet of 303 Mark II cartridges. This 10 round packet is dated 30/7/1896. Marked cartridges SA ball cordite. The original paper and string remains in its' as packed condition....
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British War Office Miniature Training Rifle by BSA

  • Price: $895.00
  • Description: Serial #5345, .22 LR, 23 3/4” barrel with a very good bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. This is a rare single-shot training rifle, built along military lines, and marked on the ...
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Australian Pattern Martini Cadet Rifle by BSA

  • Price: $895.00
  • Description: Serial #70398, .310 Cadet, 25” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some darker freckling within the grooves at the muzzle. This is a “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” marked rifle with kangaroo ...
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BSA Model 12 Martini Target Rifle with Canadian Markings

  • Price: $1,195.00
  • Description: Serial #32383, .22 LR, 25” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a nice little rifle that retains 90-95% of the original commercial blue finish that exhibits some silvering and flaking alo...
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British P-14 Rifle by Eddystone (Target Rifle Modification)

  • Price: $1,295.00
  • Description: Serial #42978, .303 British, 26” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome“ERA” and “EY” marked rifle that has matching numbers on the bolt, with all correct Eddystone parts...
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New Zealand Model Lee-Enfield Carbine (DP Marked)

  • Price: $995.00
  • Description: Serial #1070, .303 British, 20 1/2” barrel with a very good bore that has moderate freckling within the grooves. This is a 1902 dated carbine built to New Zealand specifications (adapted for use wi...
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BSA Commercial Charger-Loading Lee-Enfield Mk. I Target Rifle

  • Price: $2,795.00
  • Description: Serial #10221 / 22991, .303 British, 30 1/4” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some minor freckling within the grooves. This is a “BSA Co.” marked rifle, with stacked rifles logo on the ...
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Boer War Era British Lee-Enfield Mk. I Carbine

  • Price: $2,295.00
  • Description: Serial #3752A, .303 British, 21” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves. This is an 1899 dated carbine by Enfield that has about 70-75% of the original blue...
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British No. 1 Mk. I*** Charger-Loaded SMLE Rifle (Naval Marked)

  • Price: $2,195.00
  • Description: Serial #CR 1248, .303 British, 25” barrel with a very good bore that has some minor freckling within the grooves. This is a 1906 dated, armory renumbered rifle that retains about 85-90% of an armor...
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British Lee-Enfield Mk. I* Rifle (Naval Marked)

  • Price: $2,295.00
  • Description: Serial #B89775, .303 British, 30” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome rifle that has a “(crown)/ER/B.S.A. Co./1902/LE/I*” marked receiver, with “N” naval mark on the l...
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Colt .455 New Service Revolver 1899 (Old Model)

  • Price: $2,295.00
  • Description: Serial #1073, .45 Colt, 4 1/2” barrel with a very good, bright bore that has some dark freckling within the grooves. This London-proofed revolver was originally chambered in .455 Eley, but was rech...
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British Military Wire Cutters by Sunshine 1946 Dated

  • Price: $65.00
  • Description: This is a vintage pair of British Army wire cutters manufactured by Sunshine and dated 1946. Additionally marked with a “D/Broad Arrow/D” as well as an “Arrow/1073” Cutters are 13 1/2” in ov...
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British War Office Miniature Training Rifle by BSA

  • Price: $1,195.00
  • Description: Serial #18075, .22 LR, 23 3/4” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a rare single-shot training rifle, built along military lines, and marked on the top of the barrel breech: “MIN. RIFL...
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Colt New Service .455 Revolver (British Proofed)

  • Price: $1,195.00
  • Description: Serial #89411, .455 Eley, 5 1/2” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a 1915-made revolver that has retained 75-80% of the original bright commercial blue finish with freckling and gray f...
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British SMLE Mk. III* Rifle (Canadian Marked)

  • Price: $1,095.00
  • Description: Serial #E90979, .303 British, 25” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a 1917 dated, BSA-made rifle that retains 85-90% of the original blue finish with crisp Canadian “C/(Broad Arrow)...
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Original WW2 Lee Enfield No.7 22 Trainer Chest Box

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: This listing is for one (1) original WW2 hinge-topped wooden shipment and storage case for a No. 7 .22 caliber rifle. The No. 7 rifles were built as .22 chambered rifles (not converted) by Long Branch...
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British S&W .455 2nd Model Hand Ejector Revolver

  • Description: Serial #56537, .455 Webley, 6 1/2” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This handsome revolver has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, yoke, extractor, and barrel, with the metal retaining 9...
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Boer War Model 1896 Carbine with Carved Stock

  • Price: $2,995.00
  • Description: Serial #3422, 7mm Mauser, 18" Morrison replacement barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This carbine was captured at Bakenlaagte during, or just after the events of October 30, 1901. The barrel of...
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South African Marked No. 4 Mk. I* Rifle by Long Branch

  • Price: $1,095.00
  • Description: Serial #18L6682, .303 British, 25” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This Canadian-made, 1942 dated rifle has retained about 90-92% of the original matte blue finish that has faded along the e...
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Indian No. 1 Mk.3* SMLE Rifle by Ishapore 303 British

  • Price: $575.00
  • Description: Serial #82143L, .303 British, 25” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a post World War II, 1951 dated rifle that has matching numbers on the bolt, and on the correct, blocky nosecap. Th...
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Martini-Enfield Bayonet for .303 British

  • Price: $135.00
  • Description: Martini Enfield bayonet & Scabbard bright vg blade with excellent markings, Enfield built dated 97 & 900. Original blue on the socket complete with its'scabbard the back seam is partially separated....
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British Manton Cavalry Carbine Rare Percussion Conversion

  • Price: $3,995.00
  • Description: 1836 dated Manton percussion carbine crown WR, tower & crown marked percussion lock. This is a very rare British military carbine with only 30 examples built in percussion. This piece retains all of...
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RCMP Issued Canadian No. 4 Mk. 1* Rifle by Long Branch

  • Price: $1,495.00
  • Description: Serial #5L6489, .303 British, 25” barrel wth an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome, 1942 dated rifle that has retained 92-95% of the original phosphate finish with some silvering at the muz...
Item #36338

WWII 303 British Tracer Ammo

  • Price: $145.00
  • Description: Bag of 50 rounds of WW2 303 tracer ammo. All headstamped RG 43 (Royal Ordnance Factory, Radway Green) Cheshire England 1943. G11 is for G mark II tracer. This tracer round has a 154 gr bullet with ...
Item #31619

Early Wilkinson Three-Banner Commando Knife

  • Price: $1,295.00
  • Description: This is one of 500 Commando Knives made just after World War II by Wilkinson for showroom and window display, and measures 11 1/2” overall, with a 6 5/8” straight, double-edged blade having large ...
Item #36324

British L1A1 (FN) 7.62 Magazines

  • Price: $45.00
  • Description: British Enfield magazines built for the British L1A1 7.62 cal FN Rifle. 20 round mags, sound condition showing normal usage marks the Enfield manufactured examples show the Enfield and date as well as...
Item #36460

WW2 British No. 3 Fencing Musket by Webley & Scott

  • Price: $695.00
  • Description: This is a walnut stocked dummy musket measuring 64 1/2" long overall, including the 17 1/4” spring-loaded, blunt-ended telescopic “bayonet”. These interesting items were used for bayonet traini...
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WW1 British Cavalry Saddle Bags

  • Price: $185.00
  • Description: British military WW1 cavalry bags. This pair shows a broad arrow over 55 mark. Built by H G R Ltd 1915. The bags remain in excellent condition showing no cracks or crazing. Size 14" by 5 1/2 with ...
Item #35015

Scarce Lee Enfield MK3 1929 Date

  • Price: $995.00
  • Description: SN 5917 is a post WW1 Lee Enfeild dated 1929 and built at Enfield. This MK III shows all matching serial numbers on the bolt, sight and nose cap. This is an unusual example that was built in 1929 a ...
Item #36203

British 1799 Pattern Light Dragoon Pistol

  • Price: $2,895.00
  • Description: NSN, .65 Caliber, 9” barrel with a fine, lightly freckled bore. This is a handsome pistol that has an overall pewter gray patina with dark brown freckling along the barrel, and further plum-brown f...
Item #30021

WW2 303 British Tracer In Original 1943 Boxes

  • Price: $50.00
  • Description: WW2 British GMK 11 303 tracer built for land service packed in the original boxes of 48 cartridges with green band marked tracer, broad arrow 1.S.A.A. All of the cartridges are headstamped 1943 and ma...
Item #35820

British Issue Military Rifle Scabbard

  • Price: $150.00
  • Description: British Military rifle scabbard in new unissued condition. This example is a variation from the standard WW2 variation. This piece is 48 1/2" overall and shows 2 crown GR over crossed flags governme...
Item #35877

British No 7 MK 1L Bayonet

  • Price: $285.00
  • Description: British No 7 MK 1 L bayonet in excellent plus condition. This example shows a bright excellent plus blade with clear markings on the left side of the riccaso. Excellent brown grips and most of the o...
Item #29560

British Carbine 1844 Yeomanry - Unit Marked

  • Price: $1,795.00
  • Description: NSN, .67 Caliber, 20” barrel with a very good bore that has dark freckling along its length, heaviest towards the muzzle. This is an 1844 dated, “VR” cyphered, Tower-made carbine that has an ov...
Item #35475

South African Pattern 1961 Combination Web Pouch and Frog

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: This is an interesting piece of equipment that is comprised of a tapered canvas web pouch with metal D-rings and belt hooks, that also has an integrated frog for the Model L1A1 SLR (FN/FAL). The pouc...
Item #35681

WW2 1944 Dated British Map Case

  • Price: $70.00
  • Description: British Military WW2 Officers map case. This piece is maker marked Finnigans Ltd 1944 and broad arrow over 28 ink stamped. Size is 11 X 9 " with original straps and in as new condition. ...
Item #35596

WW2 British No. 5 Mk. I Bore Straightness Gauge

  • Price: $375.00
  • Description: This is a two-piece gauge consisting of a 7 1/2” long telescopic section with eye-piece, adjustable along both x and y axis. The markings on the tube read: “INST. TESTING STRAIGHTNESS OF BORE NO....
Item #35249

Union of South Africa Artillery Sword by Hobson & Sons

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: This is a private purchase sword, made ca. 1950, that measures 41” overall with a 34 7/8” straight, single-edged blade with 2/3 length single fullers and scrollwork embellished etched panels. The...
Item #35238

Lot of 4 Lee Enfield Parade or Guard Slings

  • Price: $65.00
  • Description: Lot of 4 British or Canadain WWII Lee Enfield slings. These were painted with white dubbing. White slings were used for parades. color parties and guard guns. All 4 are sound and original military w...
Item #35223

Original East India Co English  Built Flintlock

  • Price: $675.00
  • Description: Original East India Co flintlock dated 1811. This is a lock from the 3rd model Bess (Windus's Pattern Musket. There were approx. 676,800 built for the East India Co and 2,800.000, for the board of O...
Item #35122

Black Watch WW1 Officers Sporran

  • Price: $350.00
  • Description: WW1 era Black Watch Sporraw. This is an officers piece that may pre date the First War. This example shows all of the original horse hair and tassels. The reverse shows the red leather backing with...
Item #35054

Lancaster 1855 Pattern Volunteer (Sapper & Miner) Carbine

  • Price: $3,995.00
  • Description: NSN, .577 Caliber, 31 1/2” barrel with an excellent, bright oval bore. This is a Lancaster-made, two-band rifle with bayonet bar on the right side of the muzzle. The barrel has an overall plum-bro...
Item #34691

Post War Uncommon Aluminum Hilted FS Dager

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: A Less common example of a post war aluminum hilted command or dagger. This well made piece shows a 7" blade blackened with the later Wilkinson sword logo. The blued cross guard is unmarked. The hi...
Item #34079

Civil War Era Brazilian Minie Rifle (Modified)

  • Price: $795.00
  • Description: NSN, approx. .61 Caliber, 32” barrel with a fair, lightly pitted bore. This is one of the Belgian-made rifles originally intended for Brazil that made their way to the US during the Civil War. The...
Item #21498

British Brown Bess Bayonet

  • Price: $345.00
  • Description: This India pattern bayonet has an overall length of 22 inches with 17.2 inch flat topped blade, 4 inch socket with 1 15/16 stud to muzzle measurement and near 1 inch muzzle ring diameter. The only ma...
Item #16292

British Victorian Pouch and Strap

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: British Victorian piece which was issued in Canada. No markings. The leather strap is sound of supple with surface cracking on the finished side. Th reverse side (buff leather) shows some black fro...
Item #21981

British Dial Sight Royal Artillery

  • Price: $495.00
  • Description: Serial #1356. This is a 1942 dated sight which has 80 - 85% of the original black painted finish remaining with dark gray underlying metal visible wherever the paint has flaked. The optics are somew...
Item #13718

Lee-Enfield Parts Catalogue (New 2009)

  • Price: $18.95
  • Description: A new 2009 work by Ian Skennerton, SAIS No 23. A great reference for the Lee Enfield Collector, gunsmith or parts dealer. Photos and illustrations of the Lee -Enfield parts and pieces from the Lee -M...
Item #13294

Canadian Sword Canada Rifles Marked

  • Price: $475.00
  • Description: The blade measures 32 3/8" long X 1 " wide with an 18 7/8" fuller running to within 11 3/4" of the spear point. The blade is etched with the words 'Canada Rifles" and floral designs. The steel guard...
Item #11910

British Police Short Sword and Scabbard

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: A Victorian era British police sword with no marks which is more often than not the usual case. The 24" curved blade has a 22 1/2" fuller and a 7" sharpened back edge. The grip is of fishskin with w...
Item #12243

Kynoch 303 Air Service Cartridges 1928

  • Price: $50.00
  • Description: Attractive and uncommon pack of 10 Kynoch .303 rounds. In original packages dated 1928. Cartridges for the air service were sure fire rounds, built and tested as such. For the ammunition, British m...
Item #21118

British Artillery Private Purchase Mess Jacket

  • Price: $175.00
  • Description: This is the cavalry style mess jacket, fastened only at the stand collar which has tarnished and slightly detached embroidered bullion borders and flaming bomb devices. The fabric is in excellent sha...
Item #21093

British Royal Artillery Jacket

  • Price: $145.00
  • Description: This is an attractive navy blue serge highland coatee with scarlet stand collar, epaulettes, cuffs, and scarlet piping on the front seam and hanging pockets at the hem. The fabric is in very good con...
Item #14164

Royal Navy Pattern 195A Brass Ship's Compass

  • Price: $475.00
  • Description: This all brass compass measures 8 1/8" across the face and 10" to the outside ring. The stand is of wood, 6 1/4" high that appears to be of walnut and maple 12 3/4" diameter with a nicely turned edge...
Item #21081

British Army Officer's Full Dress Tunic

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: This is a mid-20th century scarlet serge tunic having the insignia and buttons for the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment (1680-1959). The black stand collar is edged with heavy white piping as well...
Item #HAS-24

Jacob Snider's Action & Boxer's Cartridge- Snider Enfield Rifle

  • Price: $18.95
  • Description: The author has taken the story of the Snider Enfield and its special ammunition from their pre-production days to the early 20th century. This title is an expanded version of number 2 above, published...
Item #28940

World War II Halifax Police Mk. II Brodie Helmet

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: This is a standard military “Tommy” helmet (marked “G.S.W./D.P.&H.”: General Steel Wares – Department of Pensions & Health) but has been painted police blue with a white “HPD” stencil on...
Item #ACP-13

Artillerist's Companion Reprint of 1778 British Cannon Manual

  • Price: $27.95
  • Description: The Artillerist's Companion by T. Fortune, Intro. by A.B. Caruana. This reprint of the first of a series of British Aide Memoire was published in 1778. It contains notes on countless aspects of the ar...
Item #ACP-07

British Artillery Ammunition, 1780 A.B. Caruana

  • Price: $14.95
  • Description: A compilation of text and illustrations detailing all the forms of ammunition available during the 18th century. Included are case, grape, shells, fuses, carcasses, smoke and light balls, cartridges, ...
Item #ACP-26

Handbook of Rifle Shooting Including Henry, Snider, Enfield

  • Price: $24.95 Sale
  • Description: Illustrated Handbook of Rifle Shooting by A.L. Russell: A new printing of the 1869 edition by one of the leading military marksmen of his day. In 12 chapters he covered details on shooting the muzzle ...
Item #ACP-02

British Board of Ordnance Contractors 1689-1840

  • Price: $19.95
  • Description: British Board of Ordnance Contractors 1689-1840 by D.W. Bailey is a comprehensive listing of the names and dates when contractors supplied military arms or guns for Indian Allies to the Ordnance, and ...
Item #21684

British Royal Fusiliers Officer's Mess Uniform

  • Price: $545.00
  • Description: This uniform consists of a jacket (fastened only at the collar), vest, and trousers. The jacket has a stand collar with embroidered bullion borders and flaming bomb devices, detachable linen cuffs an...
Item #14144

Rare WW1 British Machine-gunner Tunic

  • Price: $695.00
  • Description: This piece is a WWI British machine gunner's tunic. This unique piece of uniform was designed and built for issue to the machine gun crews. The purpose of the design was to provide padding and to pr...
Item #17140

Dalman & Narborough Broad Arrow Marked British Pace Stick

  • Price: $250.00
  • Description: An unusual item as carried by British warrant officers and drill instructors. Tapered hardwood with brass fittings. When opened these were used to measure the pace of marching troops. This stick is ...
Item #25906

Reproduction Kukri Socket Bayonet

  • Price: $155.00
  • Description: This 17 inch long socket bayonet has a 12 inch blade, 1/4 inch thick at spine, mounted to a 4 inch socket with .990 inside diameter. Socket has a bridged L shaped locking mortile. This piece shows c...
Item #25960

British-New Zealand Mk. IV Clinometer Artillery Sight

  • Price: $150.00
  • Description: Serial #2460. This neat little instrument has a 1943 World War II date and has a spring-loaded catch on the underside for secure mounting to the gun. The sight itself consists of a spirit level moun...
Item #HAS-16

Light 6-Pounder Battalion Gun of 1776 Rev War Cannon

  • Price: $12.95 Sale
  • Description: This gun first appeared about 1764 and over the next 12 years was developed into the most versatile of all artillery. The author has given a detailed introduction to the gun, its equipment and its use...
Item #24683

C Cowles 50 Cal Bore Reflector

  • Price: $65.00
  • Description: This WWII Bore inspection tool shows a green parked finish under a developing dark patina. A few light oxidation stains are scattered on base. Company name is clear and legible. ...
Item #21668

Canadian Medal Grouping

  • Price: $250.00
  • Description: This is a group of 20th century medals from various countries and conflicts; 7 pieces in all. First is an iron defense drive commemorative medallion dated 1916 with a kneeling woman on the obverse su...
Item #5021

5 Pieces Cloth Insignia British

  • Price: $30.00
  • Description: Consisting of a Sergeant's chevron, corporal's chevron, private's chevron, a division patch and a King's Crown. Cloth Insignia...
Item #24007

Pair of Scottish Military Paintings

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: This is an attractive pair of vertically oriented paintings housed in 10" x 16 5/8" frames depicting Scottish regiment officers in distinctive dress. The first shows an officer in scarlet jacket with...
Item #23909

British WWII Army Jack Knife

  • Price: $75.00
  • Description: This three piece (main blade, can opener and Marlin Spike) Knife is dated "1940" on can opener with "1114" stamping. The makers name on main blade is obscured by a period brazed repair. The bexoid sc...
Item #22571

British Commercial or Private Purchase Sun Helmet

  • Price: $125.00
  • Description: This high quality helmet is very similar to the ubiquitous Wolseley pattern helmet used for over 80 years throughout the British Empire. The exterior construction is whitewashed canvas with a symmetr...
Item #22175

Lord Roberts Print

  • Price: $125.00
  • Description: This is a chromolithographic newspaper supplement measuring 17" across x 21" high depicting a portrait of Field Marshal Lord Roberts of Kandahar, at the time commander-in-chief in South Africa during ...
Item #22174

Battle of Waterloo Print

  • Price: $550.00
  • Description: This is a large chromolithographic print measuring 31 1/2" across x 25" high by Kurz & Allison of Chicago which depicts a corner of the infantry square protecting the Duke of Wellington during the cha...
Item #20714

British Socket Bayonet P53 Bushed for Martini Henry Rifle

  • Price: $245.00
  • Description: This bayonet was altered to P1853/72 configuration with socket reduced to fit Martini Henry Rifles at R.S.A.F. Enfield in the early 1870's. Blade is bright with minor stains and British military mark...
Item #7698

British Officer's Metal Hat Box

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: A black painted hat box with white painted lettering "Lt. Col. H.L.Smith 1st E.S. Regt." The remains of a large sticker reads "East Surry Regt. Kinsale, Ireland". A smaller railway label fragment rea...
Item #15381

World War II 6x30 R.A. F. Binocular

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: Shown and described on page 153 of "Hand hold military binoculars" by Dr. Stephen Rohan. This was the binocular used exclusively by the Royal Air Force as the primary 6 X 30 during WWII> The left oc...
Item #13592

WWI Patriotic Banner & Photo

  • Price: $445.00
  • Description: A silk backed and hand sewn stand of Allied flags, crown, photo pouch and olive branch. This was a piece as purchased by a Canadian or British Soldier in Gibraltar and sent home as a present. The so...
Item #8878

M. 1871 Mauser English Bayonet

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: A triangular bayonet with 17 1/16" long blade, 3/4" across the flat. At the ricasso markings are a crown over opposing broad arrow surplus sale marks and letter "G" and a very weak "crown over GS"?? 1...