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Excellent Colt Model 1878 Revolver Boer War 1st Canadian Rifles

  • Price: $6,495.00
  • Description: Serial #41326, .45 Colt, 7 1/2 inch barrel with a fine, bright bore that has traces of freckling within the grooves towards the breech. This is an extremely nice, 1899-made revolver that has 95-97% o...
Item #24119

Colt Small Frame Lightning Rifle 1888 Colt Peep Sight

  • Price: $3,250.00
  • Description: Serial #2873, .22 Short or Long, 24 barrel with a dark, pitted bore. Gun has not been test fired. This 1888 manufactured rifle features a checkered forend, Beach front sight, octagon barrel, and ...
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Excellent Colt Anaconda Revolver 6" Barrel 44 Magnum

  • Price: $2,795.00
  • Description: Serial #MM395938, .44 Magnum, 6" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This stainless steel revolver exhibits a minor turn-ring on the cylinder, and has a few very mild surface scratches scattered a...
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Colt SAA New Frontier Revolver in .44-40 With Box

  • Price: $2,495.00
  • Description: Serial #10568NF, .44-40, 7 1/2" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an early 80s-made revolver that retains practically all of the original blue finish on the barrel, ejector rod housin...
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Excellent Pre War Colt Woodsman Sport Pistol Full Set 1935

  • Price: $2,195.00
  • Description: Serial #94441, .22 LR, 4 1/2" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a 1935-made, high-speed .22 mainspring housing pistol that has matching numbers on the frame and slide, and retains 98-99%...
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Colt Service Model Ace Pistol with Box and Papers

  • Price: $2,195.00
  • Description: Serial #SM38419, .22 LR, 4 3/4" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an 80s made pistol that has retained 95-97% of the original blue finish with some mild silvering along the barrel and...
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Excellent Colt King Cobra Revolver 4" Barrel

  • Price: $1,895.00
  • Description: Serial #CK0162, .357 Magnum, 4 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This late 80s, brushed stainless steel revolver only has a few very minor surface scratches at the muzzle of the barrel, an...
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Colt Engravers of the Nineteenth Century by Herb Houze

  • Price: $59.95
  • Description: Factory-engraved Colts are universally recognized as among the most beautiful and desirable antique weapons in the world. However, until the publication of this book, much of the information that was ...
Item #HAS-37

Observations on Colt's Second Contract Dragoons To The Cavalry

  • Price: $14.95
  • Description: This study traces the history and the construction of the first model of the Colt Dragoon revolver supplied in 1848 to the U.S. Cavalry. The authors have produced a chronology for the revolver which s...