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New Item #38368

WW2 British No. 3 Mk. II NT Signal Gun by Webley

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: Serial #3790, 1.5 flare, 4 1/8 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a 1941 dated pistol that has extensive military and Birmingham proofs, and retains 95-97% of the original dull blue...
New Item #37586

British No. 1 Mk. IV Signal Pistol by Berridge

  • Price: $295.00
  • Description: Serial #BE 36235, 25mm, 5 3/4 flared barrel with an excellent bore. This WW2 era pistol has a zinc alloy frame and barrel (zamak). small military proof stamps are present on the barrel, with the ...
New Item #37559

USN Sklar Flare Gun Issued to the USS Bausell (DD-845)

  • Price: $495.00
  • Description: Serial #Z5372, 37mm Flare, 8 barrel with a lightly pitted bore. This is a 6.47 dated pistol that has an overall dull gray patina with about 70-75% of a flaked red paint finish remaining on t...
New Item #35147

WW1 German Hebel Flare Pistol

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: SN 46295 is a WW1 German Military flare pistol. This piece shows a 9" barrel with a 1 " bore. This piece shows excellent metal, clear markings, matching numbers and sound grips. This pistol is miss...
Item #37582

Webley Flare Gun Holster

  • Price: $250.00
  • Description: This is a dark brown leather, hard-side holster for the Webley No. 1 Mk. III* flare pistol, and has a mottled brown color with scattered minor surface blemishes and handling marks. The flap is slight...
Item #37788

Belgian Scheintod Repeater Type Tear Gas Pistol

  • Price: $795.00
  • Description: Serial #19, 11mm Gas / Blank, 1 1/8 barrel with a very good, lightly freckled bore. This is a very nice, Liege-proofed, concealed hammer, 5-shot tear gas/blank revolver, with 1914 date stamp, and ...