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Item #36658

Japanese Type 99 Last Ditch Rifle w/ Bayonet

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: Serial #(Series 30) 83, 7.7mm Arisaka, 26” barrel with a very good bore that has some light freckling within the grooves. This is a Nagoya marked rifle with fixed rear sight and ground 'mum that ha...
Item #23368

Japanese Type 30 Nagoya Bayonet

  • Price: $165.00
  • Description: This Nagoya Rikugan Zoheisho Arsenal built bayonet is developing a dark patina on bright blade with areas of pitting. Hilt and guard show dark oxidized metal, press stud is frozen. Grip scales show ...
Item #32232

Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Buttplate w Both Screws

  • Price: $29.00
  • Description: This is a used and original Japanese Arisaka Type 99 rifle buttplate with both screws. Plate is mostly a gray patina with some traces of blue with some light rust....
Item #29041

Japanese Mumei Katana

  • Price: $1,995.00
  • Description: This is a slightly longer than usual sword that measures 42 3/4” overall with a 31” blade measured to the tarnished white metal habaki. The blade has an overall mottled gray patina with simple, s...
Item #24623

Japanese Type 99 Trigger and Sear assembly

  • Price: $25.00
  • Description: This comes complete with trigger, sear, spring and both pins. Parts show light oxidation stains with a dark patina. These are from a last ditch rifle....
Item #23907

RCBS 7.7 X 58 mm Japanese Arisaka Dies

  • Price: $60.00
  • Description: Two dies in two boxes RCBS #14430 neck sizer die and RCBS #14438 seating die. No shell holder is present. Both are in excellent condition. ...