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Australian SMLE Mk.3 Skeleton Action C&R

  • Price: $750.00
  • Description: Serial #11500, .303 British, 17” barrel with a dark, pitted bore. This is an Australian stamped (“D/Broad Arrow”) action, most likely manufactured by Lithgow, with mounted Lithgow-made barrel, m...
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Lee Enfield No 4 MK 2 Variation With Grenade Launcher

  • Price: $895.00
  • Description: Lee Enfield No 4 Cal 303 SN 200001 marked on the left socket with matching bolt and wood. The rifle appears to be a very early post war rifle possibly built for Pakistan by (ROF Fazakerley). The uniq...
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Lee Enfield No 4 MK 1 BSA Shirley Pakistan

  • Price: $795.00
  • Description: SNB09196 is a Pakistani No 4 MKJ 1 built at the Shirley Plant at Wah Cantt in 1955. This is a very clean example showing a bright excellent bore and matching bolt and wood. The left side of the rece...
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Michigan National Guard Remington Lee Rifle Model 1899

  • Price: $2,750.00
  • Description: Serial #101390, .30-40 Krag, 29 1/2” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has traces of freckling just starting to appear within the grooves. This is one of 2,001 small-bore Remington Lee military ...
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WW1 New Zealand Marked British Fencing Musket

  • Price: $695.00
  • Description: This is a walnut stocked dummy musket measuring 49" long overall, with a spring-plunger, blunt-ended telescopic “bayonet” measuring 17” in length. These interesting items were an early WW1 trai...
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Indian No.1 Mk.3* SMLE. Grenade Launching Rifle by Ishapore

  • Price: $495.00
  • Description: Serial #87774X, .303 British, 25” barrel with a fair bore that has moderate pitting and flaking within the grooves. This is a 1962 dated, import marked rifle that has matching numbers on the bolt a...
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USMC McKeever Cartridge Box 6mm Winchester Lee Navy Rifle

  • Price: $675.00
  • Description: A scarce USMC McKeever cartridge box designed to take 4 clips of 6 mm Lee Navy cartridges. This box is embossed USMC on the front. These boxes are noted on page 76 of the "Winchester Lee Rifle" by E...
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Khyber Pass Single Shot Enfield Rifle

  • Price: $325.00
  • Description: # 596, 303 British, 25 inch barrel, good bore with light frosting throughout. This rifle is a single shot copy of a Lee-Enfield with hand made parts showing rough file work and lack of polishing. Th...
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Jacob Snider's Action & Boxer's Cartridge- Snider Enfield Rifle

  • Price: $18.95
  • Description: The author has taken the story of the Snider Enfield and its special ammunition from their pre-production days to the early 20th century. This title is an expanded version of number 2 above, published...
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303 British Canadian MK4 Hollow Point Cartridge Rare

  • Price: $45.00
  • Description: 303 Canadian built military hollow nose cartridge. Headstamp "D broad arrow C" and "C IV". Built by The Dominion Cartridge factory, Quebec City Canada. This and the Mark V version were the last hollo...
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Pakistan Built No 9 MK 1 Bayonet

  • Price: $60.00
  • Description: This standard pattern bayonet was built at Pakistan Ordnance Facility and is marked with model number over "P.O.F. 61" on left side of socket. Shank shows a "Braod Arrow" on left side with "C02495" c...
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British No 9 MK1 Bayonet

  • Price: $50.00
  • Description: This bayonet is marked "P" in circle "1949" and was built at R.O.F. Poole. Bayonet remains in excellent condition with 90% parkerized finish. No scabbard. ...
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British No 9 MK 1 Bayonet

  • Price: $75.00
  • Description: This bayonet is new and still wrapped in a protective wax coating over Suncorite finish from the factory....