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New Item #35124

Winchester 9 MM Partial Box

  • Price: $125.00
  • Description: Winchester Box of 9 MM rim fire cartridges only 15 original rounds but a very good to excellent box. The box is 2 piece with excellent labels with only minor edge loss. See page 244 of Giles upper r...
New Item #33260

Rare Winchester Special Order Model 1886 Musket in .45-90

  • Price: $17,500.00
  • Description: Serial #114392, .45-90, 30” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has mild freckling within the grooves. This is an exceedingly rare Winchester musket that is described in Madis' book as "The rarest...
New Item #35028

Scarce Sealed Box of Peters 44-40 Cartridges

  • Price: $750.00
  • Description: Sealed Peters Box of 44-40, green and black label on the cover marked Marlin colt or Winchester rifles. The front face label and the end labels just marked for Winchester rifles. Obviously the market...
Sold Item #35002

Winchester 2 Piece 12 GA Leader Full Box

  • Description: Winchester 2 piece leader full box #2 shot, 2 piece box that remains is sound condition with bright labels and color. Full all original shells that rate excellent complete with original paper promo....
New Item #35023

Winchester Model 1885 High Wall Target Rifle

  • Price: $4,995.00
  • Description: Serial #33496, .38-55, 32” heavy target barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an 1889 made rifle, rebarreled with a Winchester No. 4 barrel at some point in its life. The barrel retains a...
New Item #34936

Winchester Last 2 Piece Box in 25 Rem Auto

  • Price: $245.00
  • Description: This non Winchester caliber 25 Remington auto is the last 2 piece box as offered by Winchester circa 1925. it is also the first superspeed box offered. This box contains all of the original cartridg...
New Item #34838

Winchester 303 Savage Crizzley Bear Box

  • Price: $145.00
  • Description: Winchester silvertip bear box, 303 Savage, 190 grain nickel silver jacket. The box rates as excellent plus. All cartridges remain in as new condition. An overall excellent plus example in one of th...
Item #34517

Winchester Model 1892 Takedown Rifle with British Presentation

  • Price: $3,995.00
  • Description: Serial #692099, .44 WCF (.44-40), 24” barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some mild freckling within the grooves at the muzzle. This is a 1912-made rifle that retains 75-80% of the original bl...
Item #34594

Pope Barreled Winchester High Wall Target Rifle Muzzle Loader

  • Price: $14,995.00
  • Description: Serial #81821, .32-40, 31 1/2” octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an 1898 made rifle, rebarreled as a breech-muzzle-loader by the legendary Harry Pope, and marked “H.M. POPE, ...
Item #34683

U.S. Carbine Ball 45-70 Ammo By Winchester

  • Price: $175.00
  • Description: Full Box of 45-70 carbine cartridges. All original Winchester rounds, headstamp WRA Co 45-70. Built by Winchester, original government string box. The box is opened but shows most of the factory lab...
Item #34726

Winchester 25 Auto FMJ Ammo 100 Rnds

  • Price: $50.00
  • Description: Lot of 2 Sealed Boxes of Winchester 25 Auto, 50 gr FMJ new ammunition . Box of 50 sold as Lot of 2 Boxes 100 rounds total. Excellent new boxes ...
Item #34466

Winchester Model 94AE Carbine

  • Price: $695.00
  • Description: Serial #5623286, .30-30, 20” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a pre-safety model with Angle Eject receiver, factory drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The metal retains 99% plus of...
Item #31335

Winchester Model 69A Rifle with Original Hang Tag

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: NSN, .22 S-L-LR, 25" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome rifle that retains 99% plus of the original blue finish with only a handful of negligible surface blemishes visible. Th...
Item #28196

1894 Winchester Rifle 2/3 Magazine .32 WS Caliber

  • Price: $1,295.00
  • Description: S#888246, 32 WS, 26 inch barrel, very good bore with strong rifling and light even erosion throughout. This 1921 built rifle features a 2/3 magazine (16 inches long) and remains in very good conditio...
Item #31322

Winchester Model 70 Classic Super Grade Rifle

  • Price: $995.00
  • Description: Serial #G2572973, .338 Win. Mag., 26" barrel with an excellent, bright bore. The metal of this handsome rifle retains about 97-98% of the original blue with the majority of the blue loss occurring al...
Item #25090

Winchester M12 Shotgun Built 1959 12 GA

  • Price: $595.00
  • Description: S# 1749414, 12 GA 2 3/4 inch , 30 inch barrel, full choke, bright excellent bore. This 1959 built shotgun shows field use with 85% blue and sound wood. Receiver has some light scratches on top left ...
Item #32414

Winchester Model 120 Ranger Shotgun 12 G Win Choke

  • Price: $195.00
  • Description: This is a used Winchester Model 120 pump or slide action shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. Vent rib barrel is 28" with an excellent, bright strong bore. The shotgun comes with a single screw in Win Choke...
Item #31030

Winchester Model 67 Barrel & Receiver w Sights 22

  • Price: $75.00
  • Description: Winchester Model 67 single shot rifle barrel, receiver, both front and rear sights and the mounting boss/spring. Barrel is 27" with an excellent, bright strong bore. Metal surfaces are blued and retai...
Item #32270

Winchester Model 1894 Rifle in .32-40 built 1912

  • Price: $1,495.00
  • Description: Serial #632733, .32-40 W.C.F., 26" octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This 1912-made rifle retains 85-90% of the original blue finish along both the barrel and magazine tube. There is so...
Item #28194

1894 Winchester Rifle Button Magazine Rifle 32 Special

  • Price: $1,395.00
  • Description: S#985383, 32 WS, 26 inch barrel, bright excellent bore. This 1926 built rifle remains in very good condition with around 80% blue on barrel. Receiver and forend cap flaked to bright and have develop...
Item #20886

Winchester 20ga Shotgun Model 370 3 inch Shells

  • Price: $175.00
  • Description: S# C399083, 20 GA (3 inch chamber), 28 inch full choke barrel, bright excellent bore. These shotguns were built from 1968 to 1973. This one has 14 inch LOP and brass bead front sight. Barrel retian...
Item #26389

Rare Winchester Model 70 Test Receiver

  • Price: $495.00
  • Description: Serial #144. This is a post-'64, push-feed action used for engineering and/or ammunition testing. The receiver is hand stamped: “BOLT ACTION B/NO. 144” on the bridge, and retains about 75-80% of...
Item #22803

Interesting Winchester Bolt Action Test Receiver

  • Price: $395.00
  • Description: Serial #031. This is a bulky, bench rest action used for engineering and/or ammunition testing. The receiver is Winchester roll-marked along the top of the blocky, faceted receiver ring, and retains...