Item #35593

Alexander Henry Military Match Rifle by Thomas Turner 450 No.2 Caliber

  • Price: $2,995.00
  • Maker: Alexander Henry
  • Model: Military Match
  • Caliber: .450 No. 2

  • Description: Serial #2829, .450 No. 2 Musket, 32 1/2” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a two-band rifle that has about 50-60% of the original blue remaining on the barrel with the balance having aged to a mostly smooth, plum-brown patina. A crisp, “TURNER'S RIFLING” marking is present just ahead of the knox-form, with some bright original fire blue still present on the rear sight spring. The frame has about the same amount of original blue remaining, with the balance freckled plum-brown. The lockplate has muted original color case-hardening blending into a general freckled gray-brown color, and the lever, trigger guard, hammer, and breech-block likewise have some traces of original color case-hardening remaining. The forend has numerous small handling marks and blemishes in the original oil finish, but no cracks or chips outside of a single short gouge on the right side of the ramrod channel about midway between the bands. The buttstock also has numerous small marks and bruises, but aside from a small chip under the hammer screw, these are minor blemishes. The lock is fully functional and has tight mechanics. There is no ramrod present. This is a fine example of a British military style target rifle, and would make a great addition to a collection. Antique