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Item #39522

Balkan/Middle Eastern Miquelet Musket

  • Price: $1,295.00
  • Maker: Miquelet
  • Model: Musket
  • Caliber: .65

  • Description: NSN, .65 Caliber, 47 inch barrel with cannon muzzle and a dark bore. This is an attractive arm built along the lines of traditional Turkish, Persian, and Caucasian long guns. The iron barrel has a decorated breech section, faceted barrel with wedding band transition to rounded, flared muzzle, and has turned to an overall dark plum-brown color over time with mild pinprick pitting and some slight surface oxidation evident. The fully functional miquelet lock likewise has a dark, plum-brown patina, with wood loss around the edges. The full-length wood stock is fastened by five sheet brass bands and has extensive and intricate mother-of-pearl and wire inlays on either side of the steeply curved butt. This is a very handsome example of a Central European/Asian musket, and would make a great decorator piece for a gun room, study, or office. Antique