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Item #42481

Beautiful 8 Piece French 16 Gauge Paper Shotgun Shell Reloading Set

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: French
  • Model: Tool
  • Caliber: 16ga

  • Description: This is a collection of very high quality, predominately French, reloading tools for 16 gauge paper shotgun shells. Included is a rugged L & S under a Grouse logo marked table mount roll crimping tool in excellent condition; A Thalson 16 gauge shotshell trimmer marked France; a Saint Etienne hand capper / decapper; an all steel adjustable powder and shot measure marked Made in France; two hand tools for holding 16 gauge shotshells; and a hand held loading tube with wood and metal decapper tool (that has a slight bend making it for display purposes only) and a wood base. A very nice assemblage of very well made reloading tool that are all in very good to excellent condition. Photographed with vintage paper shotshell hulls that will be included with the lot making a functional set that will be an attractive display when not in use.