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Item #35651

British Percussion Scoped Sporting Rifle Cased w/ Gold Inlay

  • Price: $13,495.00
  • Maker: British
  • Model: Rifle
  • Caliber: .32

  • Description: Serial #1932, 140 Bore (.32 Caliber), 32 octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a high grade rifle, obviously made for a wealthy client, and retains practically all of the exquisite twist pattern along the barrel, ramrod thimbles, and even the scope tube. The breech has gold border inlays which carry over onto the lockplate and hammer. The bolster has a platinum blow-out plug, and the sliding safety retains most of the original bright, nitre blue. The scope is marked Moore & Grey along the top near the ocular lens, and measures just over three feet long with clouded optics. The reticle is no longer visible either. The wedge-fastened walnut stock has beautifully figured wood with deep checkering along the forend and wrist, as well as a rounded cheek-piece and blued, checkered, and gold-bordered buttplate. The trigger guard, wedge escutcheons, and ramrod tailpipe are also gold embellished. The wood does have some minor handling marks scattered about the surface. The wrist was cracked at one point and professionally repaired and the checkering freshened. The original ebony-tipped ramrod is included. The patchbox has a gold inlaid Scottish Clan Badge that depicts a right arm emerging from a crown, clutching three thistle flowers, and the motto TENEO (I hold, or I know). We have been unable to identify the badge, but it is also engraved onto the silver plaque on the lid of the case, as well as the owner's initials: S P. The case is original, and still has an intact Moore & Grey paper label proclaiming that they are gunmakers to HRH Prince Albert. Someone has also written Late in black ink just before Albert's name. The case is lined with purple baize, and contains: a spare peep sight, two cleaning rods, two bullet molds, small leather toolkit, a japanned cap tin, powder flask, patch cutter, various tools, many old cross-shaped paper patches, two oak bullet boxes, and the original leather sling. This is a splendid rifle by a high end, early-mid 19th century English maker, and would make a fantastic addition to any collection. Antique