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Item #CJ26-1

Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting - Vol. 26 No. 1 (Feb 1988)

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  • Description: Royal Armouries Issue Some Important Snap Matchlock Guns. — Wilson, Guy M.—3-10 A Sword by Charles Bibb and Pistols by Durs Egg Purchased by the Chevelier D'Eon 1768, 1774. — Barter-Bailey, Sarah.—11-14 Birmingham or Woodstock. A Case Study of a Small-sword with a Cut-steel Hilt. — Moyle, Nicola C.—15-18 La Chaumette's Breechloaders; — Blackmore, Howard L.—19-24 The Buff Coats at Littlecote House. — Richardson, Thom.—25-31