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Item #39077

Cased Tranter Model 1863 Revolver by T. Murcott (Published)

  • Price: $3,995.00
  • Maker: Tranter
  • Model: 1863
  • Caliber: .442

  • Description: Serial #5461, .442 RF, 6 1/2 inch octagon barrel with a fair-good pitted bore. This is a handsome revolver, retailer marked on the barrel: "T. MURCOTT 68 HAYMARKET, LONDON". This handsome example has extensive floral scrollwork engraving, and retains 40-50% of the original blue finish, with the balance faded to plum-brown and pewter gray. The matching assembly numbered cylinder and loading gate ("71") have a matching, mottled gray patina. The hammer is fairly bright gray with some mild frosting throughout, and both the trigger and guard have a similar patina as well. The ejector lever has a matching assembly number ("71") and has a mostly mottled gray patina with muted color case-hardening still present. The checkered walnut grip is in fine shape with just a few minor handling marks, and some light flattening of the points. The revolver is housed in the original walnut traveling case with double brass clasps, and a slightly frayed, original dark blue baize lining. The original Theophilus Murcott label is present on the inside of the lid, the serial number and registration number are stamped into the inner lip of the case, and original accessories are included: cleaning rod, pewter oil bottle, turn-screw, and and five original .442 RF fired cases. The lid is further scratched with a possible unit identifier: "K D Gs" (Kings Dragoon Guards). This very revolver is described and illustrated on pgs. 54 and 55 of "Tranter Cartridge Firearms" by Black, Guerin & Michaud; 2007. This is a handsome, cased .442 RF Tranter, published in a respected reference book, that would make a fabulous addition to any collection of Tranter handguns. Antique