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Item #46187

Circa 1900 Winchester 30-30 Ammo Box .30 Win Smokeless Model 94

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model:
  • Caliber: .30-30

  • Description: This is a full box, 20 original rounds, of .30 Winchester Smokeless (.30-30) ammunition manufactured by Winchester with 160 grain metal patched bullets. As identified in Giles and Shuey's One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956 book this is Type 1, Variety 6 box and label configuration (circa 1899-1901) with the call out for Marling and Savage rifles and the added Trade Mark Registered in the U.S.A. on the front lid. It also has two yellow sun bursts and small reloading label warning. The two piece, green label, square corner box is solid with the start of seam separation on the top left and bottom left edges, slight age soiling and minor edge wear. The cartridges all have the correct w primers and are in excellent condition with some very small scattered age spots. A hard to find, short lived and important early box variation.