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Item #40124

Civil War Era Austrian Model 1849 Percussion Rifle

  • Price: $695.00
  • Maker: Austrian
  • Model: 1849
  • Caliber: .80

  • Description: NSN, .80 cal smoothbore 33 1/4" barrel with a fair, lightly pitted bore. This so-called "Garibaldi" rifle was converted to percussion from the original tublelock using the Piedmont Alteration, and is equipped with a Delvigne chamber, although the rifle has since also been converted into a smoothbore "forager". In keeping with that role, the bayonet lug was ground flush with the barrel, and both the front sling swivel and rear sight leaf were also removed. The metal surfaces have turned to a mottled plum-brown patina and some light pitting around the breech. The brass hardware has tarnished to a dull ochre patina with some residual brightness from an old cleaning. The lockplate has been buffed smooth to remove the original markings, but there is a unit marking on the top barrel flat: "20R / 3CC / 19". The hardwood stock is in about very good condition with some hairline cracks along the edges of the ramrod channel, and at the buttplate. Numerous small handling marks are present in the added oil finish as well. The edges remain very good and the initials "VB" are carved along the right side of the butt. An original heavy Delvigne ramrod is included and the lock functions well mechanically. These rifles are known to have been purchased and issued to several Missouri militia units during the Civil War, although there are no US specific markings present on this example. Antique