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Item #23636

Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver built in 1866

  • Price: $3,495.00
  • Maker: Colt
  • Model: 1851
  • Caliber: .36 Cal

  • Description: Serial #198819, .36 caliber, 7 1/2 octagon barrel with a very good bore that has spots of mild freckling within the grooves, heaviest towards the breech. This is an 1866 manufactured, fourth type revolver that has all-matching numbers, including the wedge and cylinder arbor, with the barrel retaining 70-75% of the original bright blue that has mild freckling throughout and silvering along the edges and projections. There are some buff marks at the breech end and at the muzzle where heavier freckling was once cleaned, and there are small peen marks on either side of the wedge (which has a very tight fit). The front sight is the dovetail type the factory used and may be original but we do not have a letter to prove. The cylinder is mostly a mottled pewter gray with some freckling at the face and mild pinprick pitting around the nipples. The naval scene remains almost fully visible with a few faint areas here and there. The frame is likewise mostly a lightly freckled gray color but there are hints of the original color case-hardening still visible on the protected areas under the recoil shield. At some point a small amount of metal was removed from the bottom of the barrel where it meets the frame, and there is now a slight gap, although the fit is still quite tight. The trigger guard and gripstrap have a mostly pale yellow-ochre patina with some spots of dark tarnish scattered about and the walnut grips are very good-fine with lots of the original piano varnish remaining and only minor wear and handling marks. The lock-up is tight, and the mechanism functions flawlessly. This is a fantastic Model 1851 Navy that has a lot of original finish remaining on the metal and is in fine overall condition. Antique