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Item #23624

Colt Root Model 1855 Pocket Revolver Original Case

  • Maker: Colt
  • Model: 1855
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is an original walnut case for a Colt Root revolver with 3.5" barrel. It has a four compartment interior that has a maroon velvet-lined interior, brass hinges, and a square brass lock face. The exterior wood has a fine piano varnish finish with a minute separation starting to form on one of the back corners and scattered small blemishes and scratches throughout. Some mild crazing has started to form on the lid varnish but this is minor. The interior has wear commensurate with age and use and is all original. At some point during its service life, a filler block was added to the muzzle end of the pistol compartment to fit a different gun (that took metallic cartridges from the look of the impressions left on the lid upholstery) but has since been removed with a small loss of fabric along the floor of the compartment. Additionally, there is a small relief cut added to the compartment wall where it meets the front edge of the case (where the toe of the butt would rest if a revolver was present). The case comes with the following period accessories: a small brass powder scoop; brass powder measure; glass vial with turned wood stopper; combination tool; and key. Original cases for 1855 revolvers are quite uncommon and this example is in very good plus - near fine shape and would upgrade a Root sidehammer nicely.