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Item #40828

Danish Model 1867/96 Rolling Block Target Rifle with Shooting Plaque

  • Maker: Danish
  • Model: Rolling Block
  • Caliber: 11.7mm

  • Description: Serial #56247, 11.7 x 51R, 35 1/2 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome rifle, made at the Copenhagen Arsenal in 1879, and was converted to centerfire, but still has the old 1867 rear sight graduated in traditional Danish alens rather than meters. The rear sight graduations are struck through, and a wide, v-notch rear target sight has been added to the top of the sight ladder. Additionally, the bayonet lug and rail was removed from the right side of the barrel. The barrel has retained 75-80% of a smooth, period-applied blue finish, that has faded to plum-brown on the balance, and some gray at the muzzle. The frame has a freckled gray patina with muted color case-hardening still visible, and some pinprick pitting on the wrist tangs. The buttstock and forend have a few minor handling marks scattered about the period varnish, and a small shield-shaped plaque with relief crown, crossed rifles, and FOR / SKYNDNING (For shooting) fixed by small brass brads on the right side of the buttstock. This is a splendid example of a desirable Danish Rolling Block rifle in fine overall condition. Antique