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Item #30510

Early 19th Century Officers Saber

  • Maker:
  • Model: Sword
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is an attractive saber that measures 36 3/4 overall with a 31 3/4 curved, single-edged blade having single unstopped fullers. The blade has a bright original polish with spots of darker freckling, most noticeably on the reverse inside the fuller. The forte is embellished with a fire blued panel that has a foliate border and etched, gilt-finished decorations including floral sprays and martial panoplies on both sides. A possible makers mark is stamped along the back near the hilt: s & i., however we have so far been unable to identify them. The hilt is of Germanic pattern with large tombstone langets, single forward swept quillon, reverse P guard, and dove head pommel. The iron fittings are freckled gray with some reddish-brown oxidation on the hilt at the capstan rivet. The black leather grip has worn in several places and the braided wire wrap is loose. The original metal scabbard retains about 50% of a period black tarred finish that has flaked to the underlying mottled gray metal on the balance. This is a nicely made saber that conforms to US regulations prior to 1821.