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Item #23058

Flintlock European Sporting Rifle Reconverted

  • Price: $1,495.00
  • Maker: European
  • Model: Flintlock
  • Caliber: .52 Cal

  • Description: NSN, .52 Caliber, 34 1/2" octagonal barrel with a good, lightly pitted bore. This is an attractive rifle that was reconverted to flintlock at some point. The rifle has a deeply grooved triple groove bore and an overall cleaned bright gray patina with spots of dark freckling throughout. The barrel itself is unmarked and is outfitted with a German silver front sight and fixed rear. The lock has traces of original engraving (mostly on the dog catch and on either side of the cock) which are a bit difficult to make out but look to have a martial or military motif. The lock is fully functional but the mainspring is somewhat weak. The full-length, pin-fastened European walnut stock has an old added varnish over numerous handling marks and bruises with some chips and with-the-grain cracks at the muzzle and visible surface wear under the added semi-glossy varnish. The uncheckered wrist has an old stable repaired crack on the left side running back from the ornately engraved, lightly freckled triggerguard with urn finial and dark floral scroll along the exterior of the bow. The buttstock has some decorative carving on the left side just ahead of the cheek-piece and a sliding wooden patchbox on the right. The lightly freckled buttplate has an elaborate tang that matches the engraving on the triggerguard and has some small chips missing from the inletting. The gun comes with an old wooden ramrod held by two engraved thimbles and matching tail-pipe. The original sling swivels are still present on the gun as well as an old brass inventory disk. This is a handsome gun that has a definite northern European look (possibly Scandinavian in origin) and is in very good plus condition. Antique