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Item #38599

Frank Wesson #1 type Long Range Rifle Action Steve Earle Products

  • Maker: Steve Earle
  • Model: Action
  • Caliber:

  • Description: Serial #94. This is a precision machined rifle action manufactured by Steve Earl Products. This is the Wesson #1 Long Range action patterned on a design from the 1870's. A check of his web site shows these are still being produced and supported but out of stock. The action is designed to be used with black powder or black powder equivalent pressure loads for cartridges with a head diameter not greater than .500. Included are all the original parts for the action in the original shipping box with all of the original paperwork and instructions. The parts are in the white and were never used and appear as new in the box. These are very highly regarded, faithful reproductions with strong modern materials. FFL