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Item #39529

French Model 1816/31 Artillery Short Sword

  • Maker: French
  • Model: Sword
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This sword measures 25 1/8 overall, with a 19 straight, leaf-shaped, double-edged, Gladius-type blade. The blade has a (T)ALABOT Fs 1832 / PARIS maker marking and date on the triangular ricasso, with French inspector marks opposite. The steel has an overall mottled gray patina with thin freckling throughout, and areas of dark pitting at the tip. Old sharpening marks are present along the edges. The cast hilt is of the 1831 pattern, with a tapered, concentric ring grip, and has a yellow-ochre patina with straight quillons that have disk finials. The sword comes with an original leather and brass scabbard that has an issue number stamped into the throat: 30 / 819. The leather body is scuffed, but intact, and the chape has a few barely noticeable dents. This is a very good-fine example of a French coupe-chou (cabbage cutter), and would make a splendid addition to any collection.