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Item #35073

German Pinfire Schutzen Rifle by Forstner & Klingler

  • Price: $2,895.00
  • Maker: Forstner & Klingler
  • Model: Schuetzen
  • Caliber: 11mm

  • Description: NSN, 11mm Pinfire, 28 1/4 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a beautifully crafted rifle that retains 85-90% of the original brilliant blue on the barrel that has developed some subtle, plum-brown freckling, heaviest at the muzzle, as well as some trace silvering along a few of the edges. The maker's name is inlaid in large Gothic letters along the top: M. Forstner in Carlsruhe. The frame has a back-action lock with delicate floral scrollwork engraving, as well as the complete maker's name inlaid in gold around the base of the hammer: FORSTNER-KLINGLER, CARLSRUHE (a Carlsruhe maker and retailer in operation ca. 1865. The original front sight is still present, but the rear sight is not included. The short forend has a small, wedge-fastened piece of walnut, but is mostly taken up with the long opening lever. The buttstock has beautifully figured Circassian walnut with contoured cheek-piece, and robust metal buttplate with large engraved disk finial at at the toe. Skillfully repaired breaks are present at the wrist and the buttplate stands proud of the wood in spots. The barrel lock-up is solid, and the action functions flawlessly. There is an armorial bearing inlaid in gold on the top of the wrist that shows a canted shield emblazoned with a goose (or swan) rampant, tilting helm with short mantling, and a crest consisting of a dragon (or serpent head) emerging from a crown. The arms are themselves surmounted by a crown with seven pearl finials (often used to denote a Freiherr or Baron in some German traditions). We have not been able to definitively identify the arms, however they do bear a more than passing resemblance (especially the crest on the helm) to those belonging to the Gler von Ravensburg family. This is further supported by their ancestral seat being in Sulzfeld, a town close to Karlsruhe where the rifle was made, however there are other families that have bearings more closely matched to the design on the shield. In any event, this is a rifle of high quality, made for an important person, and remains in excellent overall condition. Antique