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Item #35117

Gibbs – Farquharson – Metford Match Rifle w/Original Case

  • Price: $7,995.00
  • Maker: Gibbs
  • Model: Farquharson
  • Caliber: .461

  • Description: Serial #9344, .461 Gibbs No. 1, 36 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a handsome rifle that has retained some of the original blue on the barrel, but is otherwise a darkly mottled plum-brown, with some pinprick pitting at the muzzle. The frame retains 80-85% of the original color case-hardening and has extensive floral scroll engraving throughout, including the tang and lever. Some dark freckling is present on a few of the exposed surfaces, and the freckling continues onto the exposed portions of the breech-block, which was brightly finished originally. The checkered walnut forend has a dark horn tip, and is in fine shape with some mild flattening of the points, as well as scattered handling marks and minor blemishes. The buttstock has a matching varnish finish with scattered light marks, and is fitted with an old rubber recoil pad that has cracked and crumbled along the edges, but is still serviceable. There is a small crack at the wrist that starts on the right side tang and curves down into the checkering approx. 2-3". It does not look like it has ever been repaired. The rifle does not have a front sight, but the original Gibbs marked vernier rear sight and base are included, however the base fits a bit loosely within the tang dovetail. The rifle is housed in an original wooden case that has no lining, but does have a heavily worn, but legible George Gibbs paper label on the inside of the lid. The outside of the lid has a faint, but still legible owner's address stenciled on in black paint: M.A.B. / 101 EATON SQUARE / LONDON. The case is mostly intact, but is missing all of the original leather fixtures. This is a splendid, British falling block target rifle, that needs very little rehabilitation, and would make a fine addition to any collection. Antique