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Item #38589

Indian Lee-Enfield .410 Smoothbore Musket for Riot Control

  • Maker: Indian
  • Model: SMLE
  • Caliber: .410

  • Description: Serial #H5510, .410 Bore, 25 barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is an RFI conversion of an Enfield SMLE Mk. III* rifle and has had the barrel bored out to .41 caliber, a sheet metal loading tray installed in the receiver, and a wooden filler block added to the magazine well. The metal has retained 95-97% of an armory applied, dull blue-black finish (added during the conversion) while the matching bolt likewise has excellent matching finish with only some minor wear along a few of the bearing surfaces. The matching numbered forend, as well as the buttstock, and handguards, are in very good condition with scattered light handling marks and small blemishes throughout the otherwise thick armory oil finish. The buttstock has a white painted stripe at the wrist, and white painted numbers on either side of the butt: 24 on the left, R (4) on the right. These interesting guns were developed for use against unarmed crowds and fired rounds based on a straight case .303 loaded either with a single round lead ball or twelve shot pellets (quite lethal at close range but at longer ranges very unpleasant). Amazingly, many of these remain in Indian police armories today and are still issued for crowd control purposes. This example is in very good-near fine condition and would make a neat addition to a collection of Lee-Enfields. FFL or C&R