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Item #37375

Ithaca NID Star Model Field Grade 12ga Shotgun

  • Maker: Ithaca
  • Model: NID Star
  • Caliber: 12ga

  • Description: Serial #451368, 12 Ga, (2 3/4), 28 barrels with bright shiny bores that have a very slight ring about mid way on the right tube choked modified and full. This 1928 produced Ithaca was very early in the new so called Star Grade New Ithaca Doubles. The Steel barrels are very slightly off-face and have a thinning blued finish that now ranges from pewter to light plum color with scattered minor scratches and freckling toward the muzzle. The frame has lost most of the original case color and has scattered areas of freckling. The lever rests in the center with a brass pinned action. The walnut stock and forend are in good condition with several minor bruises, handling marks and one 3/4 hairline crack running with the grain on the right just behind the receiver. The length of pull is 14 over the correct, non-banded, hard rubber butt plate with 2 drop at the comb and 3 3/4 at the heel. A great old Ithaca built just before the Great Depression.