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Item #38046

James Eaton Underhammer Percussion Fowler 1840 Concord NH

  • Price: $695.00
  • Maker: James Eaton
  • Model: Underhammer
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is an approximately 20 Gauge percussion fowler made by James Eaton of Concord, NH circa 1840. He is listed in Logan's book as one of the recognized underhammer gun makers. James Eaton stopped producing guns in 1843 when his company was purchased by M.C. Cutchins and A.R. Crosby. The gun has a 41 partial octagon (extending 9 1/2 up from breech) barrel that is dark with pitting and has the diameter of a full choke 20 GA. The iron barrel, frame and trigger guard are all dark brown and show extensive pitting. The underhammer action functions properly using the spring tension of the trigger guard itself. There appears to a be a crack in the frame under the guard extending on either side of the screw hole. The hardwood stock in in very good condition with a decorative German silver inlay and two 1 1/2 ovals, one on either side of the wrist, with the name Pat and Fletcher scribed upon them. A hand carved wood ramrod is present. A great historic New Hampshire made gun. Antique