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Item #29041

Japanese Mumei Katana

  • Maker: Japanese
  • Model: Katana
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is a slightly longer than usual sword that measures 42 3/4 overall with a 31 blade measured to the tarnished white metal habaki. The blade has an overall mottled gray patina with simple, straight temper line and long, o-kissaki tip. The steel has noticeable machine polishing marks along its length on both sides of the blade. The darkly patinated iron tsuba has faint, die-struck embellishments with serrated copper seppa that have minor tarnish. The tsuka has an original rayskin wrap that has cracked in a few places over time and an intact cloth tape wrap that had a protective rubber coating applied. The coating has flaked along the edges but is still mostly intact. The fuchi and kashira have likewise tarnished, and match the condition of the tsuba closely. The saya has a flaked reddish-maroon lacquered finish that has a some minor cracks along the edges. This is a very nice late-war Japanese sword, evidently a World War II war trophy, and is in about good-very good overall condition.