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Item #44818

Late First Type Black Powder Box 38 WCF Ammo Model 1873 Rifle

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: Winchester
  • Model:
  • Caliber: .38-40

  • Description: This is a full box, 50 mixed WRA Co head stamped rounds of .38 W.C.F. (.38-40) ammunition. The first type, black powder box, has the main label with Central Fire call out and the later side label Center Fire indicating a late production circa 1900-1902 and has the desirable Winchester Rifle Model 1873 call out. The box is solid with expert repairs to the top seams showing an intact label with some mild staining and age soiling having excellent graphics with a nice wood cut and side label that is 90% intact with one bottom end edge being a photocopy repair. The cartridges are a mixture of some correct native rounds with lead bullets and others with later soft point loading all showing varying degrees of age tarnish and lead oxidation. A very good-fine box that is much sought after by Model 1873 owners.