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Item #39141

Luftwaffe Gravity Knife Type Ia Solingen WWII

  • Maker: German
  • Model: Knife
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is a Fliegerkappmesser or Gravity Knife developed by and for the German Luftwaffe. A flyer's utility knife it has a 3 Marlin Spike and 4 blade. The knife is in excellent condition with a deeply etched SMF logo with Solingen Rostfrei below with the original high polish finish and only light surface scratches from rubbing on the knife mechanism. The knife is properly marked with the 2nd type Luft Amt of stick eagle on the spike and is numbered on the release lever. The metal bolsters, rivets and lever are all the early high polish steel with very light surface use marks. The finger grove was crudely peened, probably in the field to give the soldier more purchase when gripping the knife, which also removed a tiny chip of wood in that area. Other than the described chip the smooth hardwood grips are excellent with only minor surface use marks, most prominent on the left scale near the lanyard loop. A great example of this scarce knife.