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Item #39520

Prussian Model 1809/39 Percussion Musket with Bayonet (Potsdam Musket)

  • Maker: German
  • Model: Potsdam
  • Caliber: .71

  • Description: NSN, .71 Caliber, 41 1/4 inch barrel with a good, darkly freckled bore. This is an 850 marked Potsdam Musket with the visible metal all having an overall plum-brown patina that has even pinprick pitting that gets heavier on and around the nipple bolster. The lockplate is nearly unmarked patina with mild freckling throughout. The stock has numerous small handling marks and blemishes scattered about the thick, added varnish and the butt has heat damage that has caused the wood grain to separate slightly on the right side. The action is tight, and no ramrod is present. The musket is accompanied by an original socket bayonet that measures 22 5/8 overall, with an 18 3/4 triangular blade. The metal has a dark, plum-brown patina, and has an issue number stamped into the shank: 4672. These Prussian muskets were stop-gap weapons imported to arm the hastily assembled volunteer regiments mustered into service at the start of the war. As US arms production moved into wartime production, these flintlock conversions were relegated to garrison duty or storage. This example is in fair-good condition, and would make a fine decorative accent for a gun room or library. Antique