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Item #42029

Published Frank Wesson 6th Type Two-Trigger Sporting Rifle

  • Maker: Frank Wesson
  • Model: Two-Trigger
  • Caliber: .32

  • Description: Serial #173, .32 RF, 24 1/2" octagon barrel with an excellent, bright bore. The barrel of this lovely rifle retains about 92-95% of the original blue, with plum-brown fading on the balance, and fine silvering along the edges. The frame retains 97-98% of the original nickel finish with some minor flaking along the lower left edge, and along the upper rear right side. Additionally, some further mild freckling is present on both sides. The buttplate retains about 92-95% of the original nickel, with some freckling and pinprick pitting, mainly on the right side. The barrel link retains its original bright fire blue turning to a mellow brown patina, and traces of fire blue are still present on the sides of the barrel release lever. The hammer and firing trigger retain much of their vibrant color case-hardening as well. The smooth walnut buttstock is in excellent condition, with only a few minor handling marks and small blemishes marring the original varnish. This model was made in an unusual configuration; without the 1872 patent hammer, and is in rimfire only. Furthermore, the sideplate is not removable, the barrel is equipped with a standard small rifle front sight, the rear sight dovetail is vacant, and a mid-range tang sight has been installed. This very rifle is pictured on page 123 in volume three of "Frank Wesson Gunmaker" by Woods, Littlefield, and Rowe (2009), although there is a misprint listing the rifle as serial #172 instead of 173. This is a simply wonderful example of a rarely seen version of the Wesson Two-Trigger, in excellent original condition, and illustrated in the definitive reference of Frank Wessons rifle production. Antique