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Item #40341

Rare Martini-Metford Mk. II Rifle by Thomas Bland & Sons

  • Price: $2,795.00
  • Maker: Bland
  • Model: Martini
  • Caliber: .303

  • Description: NSN, .303 British, 30" barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some traces of mild freckling withi the grooves. This is a handsome, commercially-made rifle that has a crisply engraved maker's name along the top of the barrel: "THOMAS BLAND & SONS, BIRMINGHAM". The barrel and receiver have retained 90-95% of a maker reapplied blue finish that has silvering at the muzzle, as well as turning to a dark plum-brown color in some spots towards the breech of the barrel and sides of the receiver. The loading trough has muted, but visible color case-hardening remaining, with some traces of color on the otherwise pewter gray lever. The hammer, sear and extractor are not original, but the action still functions even though the trigger pull is quite heavy and the gun does not cock properly everytime. Before firing or loading this weapon it should be looked at by a competant gunsmith. The walnut stock, forend, and handguard have numerous small handling marks and blemishes throughout the added oil finish, and there is 1 1/2" with-the-grain crack at the rear of the handguard. The buttstock has an attractive, tiger-striped appearance, and the steel buttplate has an overall dark gray patina with visible colors along the edges. This is a rare rifle-length Martini-Metford which, despite its mechanical issues, rates very good overall, and would make a splendid addition to any collection. Antique