Item #36935

Remington Model 4 T/D Rolling Block .22 LR

  • Price: $495.00
  • Maker: Remington
  • Model: Model 4
  • Caliber: .22

  • Description: Serial #185271, .22 LR, 22 1/2” octagon barrel with a very good bore that is lightly freckled mostly toward the breech. This is a great little take down boy’s rifle with the barrel now a pleasing plum-brown color with scattered tiny nicks, areas of light corrosion and silvering near the muzzle. The original blue and case color of the frame has turned plum-brown with scattered minor areas of surface oxidation with silvering on the breech-block and hammer tip. The walnut forend and buttstock have numerous handling marks, small bruises and scratches from honest use that have darkened with age with a very small hairline crack running with the grain extending 1/2” out from the rear of the frame. There is a very slight amount of lateral play that can be detected in the fit of the stock to the action. The action is fully functional and the rifle rates fair to good overall. FFL or C&R.