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Item #39546

S&W No. 2 Old Army Revolver with Kittredge & Co. Retailer Mark

  • Maker: S&W
  • Model: No. 2
  • Caliber: .32

  • Description: Serial #35001, .32 RF, 6" octagon barrel with a fair, lightly pitted bore. This revolver has matching assembly numbers on the frame, cylinder, and barrel ("x1") and retains about 25-30% of the original blue finish on protected areas, mostly the rear of the frame and on the butt, with the remainder faded to a mottled gray and blue-black patina. There are some areas of pinprick pitting scattered about the frame, and some minor tool marks around the barrel hinge. The characteristic arched "B. KITTREDGE & CO. / CIN. O." trademark is double-stamped into the rear of the barrel assembly on the left side. The genuine mother-of-pearl grips are in very good shape, with a few short, hairline cracks on either panel, but no chips or breaks. The barrel has almost no lateral play, but the latch is worn and the barrel can be opened without pushing the latch up (albeit only through exerting a fair amount of force). B. Kittredge & Co. were a famous Cincinnati, OH retailer, and supplied many heading west with arms and accoutrements. This example is in very good condition overall. Antique