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Item #35014

Scarce Ishapore No4 MK1 Lee Enfield Rifle

  • Price: $795.00
  • Maker: Enfield
  • Model: No.4
  • Caliber: .303

  • Description: SN 02872 is a very interesting and les common example of a No 4 MK 1 rifle. No No 4 MK 1 rifles were produced in India however many were refurbished at Ishapore where ALC of the original marking were removed and replaced giving a credible appearance of Indian manufacture. This included captured rifles as built in Pakistan at WAH Cantt. This example shows a bright excellent bore and matching Indian applied serial numbers. This example shows the socket marking identical to the photo on page 370 of "The Lee Enfield", Fr. 1963 RF1 The blue rates at vg plus. The forwood is Pakistanie, the butt is marked S broad arrow A (Republic of India) An excellent variation of the #4 MK 1 rifle for the Lee Enfield Collector.