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Scarce Petmecky Cleaning Tool Parker Shotgun Texas

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  • Description: This is a rare 12GA shogun cleaning tool call The Petmecky on the box and labeled J.C. Petmecky on the brass shell case. It was invented and produced by Bern Budd in Connecticut and improved and patented by J.C. Petmecky in Austin Texas and has a November 27, 1883 patent date. He was a shooter for the Parker Shotgun company and a version of this tool was marketed through Parker for a short time. The tool is housed in the original box that retains the original Petmecky label. The cleaning tool and housing tube are made of brass and are in excellent condition with some minor scratches and stains with a tiny split in the metal of the lip. A rare accessory that was made in Texas with connections to the Parker Gun company.