Item #35012

South African Purchased and Issued 1888 Patt Bayonet

  • Maker: South Africa
  • Model: Bayonet
  • Caliber:

  • Description: Scarce South African issued Patt 1888 bayonet built by Wilkinson London. This example shows a bright excellent blade without British markings. as ordered by South Africa. The exposed pommel and cross guard show pitting. The pommel is marked 8MH issue # 222. This is for the Marshall's horse. The reverse side of the pommel shows the South African U broad arrow ownership mark. This piece rides in its original scabbard with pitting on the metal and sound leather blody. The bayonet unit rides in its original leath frog that shows the remnants of a unit marking that may match that on the pommel. The leather appears to be of South African manufacture. page 367 of "British and Commonwealth Bayonets" indicates the number of Lee-Metford rifles and bayonet in stores circa 1893. Approx 1411 pieces.