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Item #23358

Spanish Cup-Hilted Left-Hand Dagger (Main Gauche)

  • Price: $395.00
  • Maker: Spanish
  • Model: Sword
  • Caliber:

  • Description: This is a dug relic with a very unusual configuration that measures 23 7/8" overall with a 17 3/8" angular blade having short, triangular fullers on the forte and a long ricasso. The metal has turned to a rough brown patina throughout with spots of surface oxidation as well and there is a slight bend in the blade near the tip, which is missing perhaps the last fraction of an inch or so. The hilt has a heavily reinforced semi-spherical counterguard (with dents and a single area of damage on the obverse side where the metal has been punctured and flaked), very long quillons (originally straight but now with a slight backwards sweep), short three finger grip with a well worn but still discernible wooden grip piece, knucklebow, and disk-shaped pommel. This dagger would've been used in conjunction with a rapier as a parrying weapon in the left hand whilst fighting with the full sword in the right. Generally, left hand daggers had rather simple guards and this is one of the few was dug up in the southeastern United States and appears to be Spanish in origin, certainly the piece does have an Iberian aura around it, and is an interesting and unusual colonial weapon. The main gauche was an integral part of any well-heeled gentleman's accoutrements during the 16th and 17th centuries but its use as a weapon became less and less important as swords became lighter and faster to use until the introduction of smallswords and epees made them irrelevant. This is a great piece and would make a terrific addition to any collection.