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Item #36538

Victorian Era Pneumatic Cane Gun

  • Price: $695.00
  • Maker: Victorian
  • Model: Air Gun
  • Caliber: .32

  • Description: Serial #589, .32 Caliber, 19 barrel with a very good, lightly pitted bore. This is a trompe loeil wood finished, all-metal cane that has an overall length of 35 3/4 and has about 30-40% of the original painted finish remaining with the balance flaked to dark plum-brown underlying metal. The barrel screws on and off of the breech/handle section, has rudimentary iron sights, and has a push-button trigger with spanner cocking (the spanner is missing). The dome-shaped, horn cane topper is in fine shape, and the screw-off muzzle cover is no longer present. Aside from the serial number, the cane is devoid of markings, and rates good plus overall.