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Item #43359

WWII Italian Brixia Model 35 45MM Light Mortar Round INERT

  • Price: $195.00
  • Maker: Italian
  • Model: Mortar
  • Caliber:

  • Description: The Brixia Model 35 Mortar Bomb is fired from the Brixia Model 35 breech loading mortar by a blank cartridge ballistite charge. The top half of the bomb, 2 3/8, is made from steel and is painted black. The tail assembly, 2 5/8, is made of aluminum alloy and is painted red. The two halves are threaded and screwed together. There is an internal shrapnel fragmentation sleeve in the hollow space inside. This sleeve was designed to magnify lethality. This item is missing its arming and detonation mechanism. The steel top half is in very good condition with some light surface corrosion. The Aluminum fins are in nice shape with 90% of the original red paint with a IZAR 39 stamped in one of the fins. These are rare and dont come on the market often.